For local-Australia:
-NAB Bank Transfer from any bank, NAB Cash Deposit
-cash on delivery. (pls read under collection/shipping)
- Paypal (for australia customers, paypal fee will be charged, We encourage NAB bank transfer/ cash deposit.)

NAB Bank Transfer:
All bank transaction : usual duration it will take will be at 1-2 business days 
starting on the day the u do the transfer ( different bank to us).
Then for those same bank as us (NAB), usually is within 1 business day.
cash deposit into nab:
1 business day.

For worldwide/overseas:
-Western Union
-TT (International Bank Telegraphic-Transfer)
-Concealed cash*

*we will not be responsible for lost concealed cash.
do take note: im very honest. BUT if u dont trust me then
DO NOT pay by conceal cash. i dont encourage payment by CC.
we WILL NOT do anything to compensate if CC is lost during the delivery.

For Singapore Buyers,
since our site moved over from Singapore, we still have
POSB bank for u to transfer money to.



1. go
(if u do not have a account then sign up for one before u read the next step.)
click picture to enlarge

2. Type in ur email address (the one u use to sign up paypal) and password.

click picture to enlarge

3. Go to ''send money''
click picture to enlarge

4. Type in our paypal account '''' and amount, submit.
click picture to enlarge
5. Paypal will reconfirm with u the amount and our paypal again.
There will be a message box given, where u can leave us a note if u need to.
If u r not using ur paypal account, please inform us:
Buyer's name n email: mr buyer /
Paying with my brother paypal: mr brother/
State that in the message box.

Or if u r buying it as a gift or sending to a different address, pls inform us:
Buyer's name n email: mr buyer /
Receiver address: myfriend street 123 xxx xxx xxx.
State that in the message box.

Do note, please check that ur paypal profile, that ur address is correct.
or if you've moved, please change ur paypal info.

NOTE: If u pay by paypal, we will mail to address stated in ur paypal,
please leave a note in the paypal transaction if u want to ship to other address.

IF u still have problem with paypal, 
inform us ur email address for paypal,
and we can send a paypal request over whereby 
u can navigate from there.
where paypal will guide u thru the payment.