Terms N Condition

++Lens order without stating degree, we will presume its 0 degree.
which is for perfect eyesight.

++Items will be seal safely (bubble wrap...etc)
BUT if items r damaged during delivery/postage.
Seller will not be responsible for that.
Do not have to worry abt this part, our packaging is 99% safe.

++Seller will not be responsible for lost items under normal shipping.
we will be meet up in melbourne or using australia air parcel.
customer can opt for express(faster) or registered(tracking)
details here : http://www1.auspost.com.au/pac/
If u prefer other shipping method such as fedex or etc...please advise.

++Strictly no exchange or refund.

++If u prefer to use concealed cash as ur payment method,
we will not be responsible for lost concealed cash.

++Seller can guarantee the safety and authenticity of the lens sold.
(i can said im 100% trustful, with every batch of stocks ems proof.)
But we cannot guarantee the lenses are suitable for all eyes.
Do check with ur optician if u are a 1st timer or if u have sensitive/dry eyes.
In any case ,if any problems contracted from wearing lenses,
we will not be responsible.