Bubbly Lens Case!!

Bubbly case US$3/AUD$3
Sales! Buy 1 get 1 Free (any design)

shipping is not included.

shipping will be mailed as letter instead of parcel thus shipping cheaper. (abt $1+)
but if ship with lenses, free shipping for bubbly.

.o.Oo.Bubbly Goldfishy.oOo.
blue/purple sold out

.oOo.Bubbly Hippo.oOo.
grey sold out
green sold out

.oOo.Bubbly Froggy.oOo.
All froggy sold out

.oOo.Beary Bubbly.oOo.
blue beary sold out

.oOo.Bubbly Piggi.oOo.
blue piggi sold out

.oOBubbly ele(elephant)Oo.
purple sold out