Care for lens.

First-timer lens wearer are recommended to seek professional optician before buying lens online.

Wash hands before wearing/taking out ur lens.

Soak your new lens in your usual lens solution before wearing.

Use proper solution for soft lens.

Do not wash lens with tap water.

Do not wear your lens for more than 8hrs a day.

Do not wear your lens to sleep.

Do not swim or soak in a hot tub when wearing your lens.

Do not wear your color lens everyday. Rest at least once a week.

Do cleanse ur lens again, if u leave ur lens in the case for more than 2 days.

Do not use eye drops or solutions that are not specifically for soft lens.

Please read all instruction on lens solution before buying/using.

Do not re-use lens solutions.

Do not swap lens with someone else.

Change your lens case every 3 months (or more frequently). (Do u use ur toothbrush for lifetime? same theory)

Please do not use lens if u are not suitable.

Using Korea Circle, usually they are not monthly lens, they are yearly lens.
so u need to wear for 6-12months. dirt and bacteria start to build up, and u need
to remove them.

Do use protein removal pills once or twice a week for yearly lens. IT'S A MUST.
Protein pills can get from optical shop.

Some of u may not heard of protein removal pills before, thats not because it's a
weird thing or its self-created language. May be some countries have different
names for it or different products but same function. (eg.enzymatic cleaner)

Using multipurpose solution is NOT ENOUGH.
90% of customer assume its enough. When it comes to using lens, DO NOT
assume what u do is right. Please ask optician if u don't know.
do u know how serious if u get eye infection?

I sell my lens to u, and i, sincerely wish u will take care of ur precious eyes.

shoppingnspree :)